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I HATE AMERICA!!!You get the hand tools first...


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Sorry Dewalt fans, just a headline to grab your attention..

I am in the UK. We have some of the electrical tools and cordless tools.. We don't have the new hand tools. I have bought a few from ebay/amazon via BLOODY AMERICA.

For example: utility knife $6.99 + p&p $12.99.

Allen key set metric $9.99 + $13.49 p&p

Today, I bought a hard hat, ear defenders and a 10 piece screwdriver set. $47.00 but paid $146.00 inc p&p.

Please guys, send them to me at ocean prices! not first class plane prices.

This is a moan and not directed to my American friends............I am just bloody jealous.



And sorry you lucky Gits.. :-*

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Hey, but you guys have Jenni Falconer, sooo....

Let's see- pliers... Jenni Falconer... pliers... Jenni Falconer... pliers...

Jenni Falconer.

You guys win. Oh- but they haven't released the Leatherman-like multitool yet. When they do, it may be close, actually.

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Hi Mrdewalt

How are you getting the hand tools shipped over?

Im in the uk too and want some dewalt hand tools but cant find anywhere who will ship them to me.

Ive tryed amazon and ebay and various usa websites but none will ship them.

Many Thanks


Hi Darren, bit late i know but..... Amazon and Ebay shipped to me. There are a lot of USA suppliers that wont though. I just tried lots of suppliers entering my location and post code. Most did not but some did. So I used them. But I paid through the nose to have them posted.

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I'm from the UK but I live in the US. PM me if you're after something and I'll see if it's cheaper to ship it from here.

On the power tool side you have the better choice than what they offer over here ;)

Are you kidding me? America has tenfold what we have here!!

THe shears, the portable bandsaws, the bench grinders, the trestles etc.

And in 18v and 240v versions too. oops 110volt versions too.

There are so many tools available in the USA that we don't have here. Not to mention the hand tools range.

I am an addict, I want all hand tools and all power tools, but i'll wait for the 240v version to hit the UK.

If you can send me absolutely anything! I would appreciate it...Hammer, hacksaw, wrench, pliers etc. Absolutely anything. $1 to $300. I can pay you first via paypal or the like. Cheers. Martin.

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Sorry mate. I don't come by here too often so I never saw your post.

I can send you what ever it is you want as long as you use paypal. Email me via patrick AT neoshed DOT com and put dewalt in the subject.

When I was referrig to the UK having more stuff than over here, I meant things like planer/thicknesser and band saws. Over here it's only contractor stuff, not woodworking.

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