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I figure i would post to help out new comers or novice at computers.

1-How to upload photo's on the "Show Off" post.

1-Make a account (to register click "join" on top of the right corner of "log in" on or click on the big red button that says "join")

2-Make a "new sub album title" for what ever the photo are (it is beneath the upload photo)

3-Upload the photos that you saved on your computer (make sure that the tab is on "Images From My PC" and click on browse (it is on the right side of the empty space bars) and look for the photos that you want to upload.)

4-Copy the IMG code and post it in your topic! (only once your done step 1-3 and finish uploading a picture you scroll down the page and you will see your photo in a smaller version and you will see that there is multiple choices of style to place your photo ethier by "Share URL, URL LINK, HTML TAG AND IMG CODE". I recommend you to choose the "IMG CODE". After you clicked on the IMG CODE it will have a small letter that wil pop up in the space bar next to it saying "Copied". Once you see this letter you right click your mouse and click paste onto your post and you will then have a photo in your post.)

5-Congradulations you have uploaded pictures!

6-Or you can simply let the Admin upload the photos for you.

7- Or you can contact me from a hotmail account and ask for more help on how to upload photo's. If you need my hotmail account please just pm me.

Also is there other topics of How-To's that i forgot please post here so i can add a How-To's on it!

Yours truely James!

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