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Awhile back, I needed to cleanup some silver maple I had in the garage/shop, but my current plane wouldn't do the trick. So having watched a video of a guy planing boards, I decided to try and make my own Jack Plane. With a little luck and plenty of hand work, the photos attached were the end result. Turns out I'm not totally inept. It works quite well on everything I've tried it on so far. Takes a little time to get the iron properly setup, but at a cost of around $3, who cares.

I actually made the plane first, then did the drawings. The iron is missing from the photos, but you know where it goes..

I do have an Autocad drawing available.

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Well here it is. Everyone wanted ther drawing for the planner. Feeop was nice enough to provide the drawings and some notes about it. The drawings are in autocad, so there is a link to download a free viewer or you can download other free viewers through google.

Drawing - http://www.professional-power-tool-guide.com/forumpics/Planner/JackPlane.dwg

Notes - http://www.professional-power-tool-guide.com/forumpics/Planner/JackPlaneConstruction.txt

Viewer - http://www.professional-power-tool-guide.com/forumpics/Planner/eDrawingsEnglish.exe

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