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Tip: Always Use LDF. Always.

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LDF (light density fiberboard) is great for model making, and making replacements for furniture, such as a table leg cap, or a table fold. Also, its light and maneuverable, so you have tons of freedom on a bandsaw or scroll saw. Additionally, it is relatively easy to cut through, without risking strength, so you dont have to whip out your 20 inch radial arm saw! ;-). And one final pro to it, it is much much much less toxic to you than MDF, this way when cutting it you don't have to worry about your lungs collapsing an hour after your project! (Trust me, I have had a couple of patients with lung problems from this back in my EMT days). This is why I love LDF, and why you should too. Please reply with more pros/cons of LDF :)





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I didn't even know LDF existed to be honest. I never really heard of it before till now. It's nice that is not a nasty is MDF is health wise.



Yea, MDF and HDF are treated with anti termite and pest chemicals, so when you cut them, the dust can be incredibly dangerous in large amounts, of an un-ventilated area. Wearing a dust mask when cutting it counteracts this of course.

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