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  1. Hey Der Folks! It's been awhile since I hung out here, dosen't seem to be too active anymore. Hope the crew has been well. Remember the good ol' Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaways? Those were some good times eh? My DeWalt DCN660 20V Finish Nailer - Voted on by the Crew is still working great! -Steven
  2. Love his rants on the Monday Morning Podcast
  3. Hey Bud! Congratulations to you and yours
  4. I completely agree on the lumber. My Lowes has a really nice selection of "Craft Boards", at a really good price. I buy Oak pieces for my Scroll Saw Signs. Both my HD's, are lacking in the type of lumber I use.
  5. Honestly, I have a Lowes a stones throw away, however I make the drive across town to hit the Home Depot. That being said, the HD that is closest to me is AWEFUL! The place is a total mess, it always looks like a tornado came through. So I make the drive to the HD thats farther away, I gave up on Lowes, nothing is ever in stock, the stock they do have, seems to be all opened packages, (I am talking about small consumable items).
  6. Honestly, one tool I could not live without, even though it's not used to often, is a BFH!
  7. My Workshop is in the basement, located in the same area has the main electrical panel. I am definitely going to hire a sparky, to do the install. Should I obtain the permit first? Should I purchase all parts needed for the job? Or let them supply everything?
  8. Good Day Crew! I want to add an Sub-Panel in the WigWag Workshop, looking for advice on hiring an electrician. What do I need to know when seeking out a qualified professional? I know this is a weird request, but I am completely lost on the subject. Can a Sub-Panel even be installed in a residential property? Do I need to reach out to our local power company first? My goal would be to move all my equipment to this Sub-Panel, so I will be able to cut power to the entire workshop. Most of my equipment is 110, but I have been looking at 3 machines that are 220. Also, what can I
  9. Looking Good! Woodpeckers sure has some quality products, I have a few of their offerings, and have been blown away by the high quality.
  10. 1) Finish the "FINAL" phase of the WigWag Workshop, which is putting up the walls to section off the heater, water heater, and washer/dryer. And putting insulation in the ceiling, to cut down on noise. 2) Once the walls are up, a total rearrange of the workshop (I already have it all laid out in Sketch-Up) 3) Get "Serious" about producing some YouTube Videos. 4) Get employed again lol... Although it has been pretty relaxing not having a "9-5" lol (I have till June)
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