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The build them on the edge of the hill. It's just like the pic only instead of a ramp going up to it you just drive straight out onto it from the top of the hill. It does work.

Pits are a lot more popular here in Florida, hills being fairly rare. Couple of things about Florida, for one, most of the trucks don't need any kind of lift to work under easily, and secondly, I'm always amazed at how many lifts I see in peoples garages and driveways.

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Guy I work with thought he was going to be clever so he drove to Sarasota to buy a Navigator he found cheap on EBay. When he got there he realized it was 2WD. Long drive for nothing.

I will say we do have a lot of four wheel drive trucks here, they tend to last a little while longer than they do in the north. It is kind of scary how may people actually drive large vehicles here. Picture little grey haired old ladies who can hardly see over the steering wheel, driving Suburbans, not to mention all the retired snowbirds driving around in their 5th wheelers.

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I liked the Wagoneer. Even today when I see one I'm like "There's a Wagoneer, awesome!" lol.

In my town there is a landscaper who has a absolutely mint Gladiator that he uses as his work truck. Really nice rig. I always wonder how he keeps it running as I recall Jeeps of that era were not among the most reliable vehicles on the road.

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