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Dewalt DW1648 & DW1649 ??


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Didn't recognize the part no. so I had to look it up, and they look very similar to the Milwaukee self feed bits, so similar I don't think I would be able to tell the difference. I've used the Milwaukee self feed bits like this and they work very well, they even sharpen up pretty well with a file after using them and hitting old nails or plaster, etc. Couldn't tell you where to buy though.

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28 minutes ago, JimboS1ice said:

Carl are you talking about the switchblades? you can replace the cutting edge on those

Uhh.. huhmm, it seems like the style I used was one that didn't have the replaceable blades, but I forget because whenever I cut a hole, I seem to just reach for my Lenox hole saws.

But now that I researched the switchblades, that might be a purchase in my near future. Now that you say that, I remember talking to an electrician on a while back and he said about replaceable blades on these, but I never put two and two together or looked into it further. 

I know even less about the DeWalt variety, though, so that's all I can say

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On 3/19/2016 at 7:17 AM, KnarlyCarl said:

Well looks like I know what my next purchase will be.

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Nope, never mind that. I'm not convinced I should get them. I like my Lenox hole saws too well, they don't require as big of drill (less torque) they don't make as much mess, I can go through nails several times a day with little trouble, and I can enlarge the hole saw I just cut by going at the hole at an angle, or grabbing my next size hole saw (it can be done with a self feed bit too, but it no longer self feeds at that point). I can start the hole saw at an angle if i'm trying to go through where some sheathing meets a wall plate. There have been times where I couldn't reach into the hole far enough with my hole saw to get through several layers of 2x lumber, and my extension was too long for going in between studs, I could take my 12" long 5/16" bit and poke it through to the other side of the layers of 2x and drill out my hole from the other side, having established a center point to do so. Self feeds bits don't work good in osb, where the center screw doesn't bite as well into osb as it does lumber.

There are so many drawbacks to self feed bits of the larger diameter, that I've just stuck with my Lenox hole saws so far and been happy for it. I really like the smaller diameter self feed bits for smaller diameter water pipes, but the larger ones have too many disadvantages.

There are many times that self feed bits are quite nice, don't get me wrong, but so far, I've really gotten into a good rhythm with my hole saws.  Now I just need to take them to my lumber yard to get sharpened

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