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  1. Yo Justin!! Thanks for all the info and explaining things for me bro, it's been hot over here the past few days I think yesterday was the hottest at about 106 I think and boy those are the times I wish we had central air, we have a wall unit that does pretty good but it's still gets hot and being fat doesn't help lol! I've been wanting to invest but we're planning on selling the house in a year or 2 and I know the a\c would help in selling but those funds aren't in the budget at the moment ☹️ But anyways if for some reason we magically come across the money you will be the first I come to for some advice! Thanks brotha!
  2. Hmmm never thought about keeping specs I just take lots of pics but most of the time I forget to take a before pick... always happens lol but that's a good idea on the specs and details
  3. I've seen these at HD (Mitsubishi brand) and always wondered how they did, my house has no a/c which sucks and always wondered if this way was more affordable.
  4. Look good Jimbo!
  5. I'm a little late to this post but your shop looks awesome dude way more organized that mine at the moment
  6. Means a lot coming from you bigman! Thank you!
  7. Thanks bro! Wifey wanted a tan color grout called linen #122 I gotta say big props to all who do this for a living my legs and lower back are KILLING ME TODAY πŸ˜‚!! For my first time by myself I think I did ok I see a lot of flaws but hey I learned a lot for the next time
  8. Always good to see ya on here Cman! Happy Father's Day to you to bro
  9. Not super happy with the first part of tiling we Had to be at to many places today but 2marrow morning I should be grouting, WOW my knees hurt lol!! I'll post more picks hopefully we got another long day 2marrow good nite crew and Happy Father's Day!
  10. Happy Father's Day to you to my Friends and TIA crew have a great Day!!
  11. Really cool bro keepem comingπŸ‘πŸ‘
  12. Wow that's a great price!
  13. Bahahhhahahahhah!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ bro I'd still have you over anytime man!! Hopefully today I'll get a lot done βœ…
  14. Patched up a couple holes in walls and did as much detail as I could for tonight hopefully 2marrow I'll b laying down some tile. Good nite crew