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  1. Rtorres092382

    Tools you’d love to see but probably won’t

    Belt sander is definitely on my wish list too! Forgive my ignorance but what’s a detail sander?
  2. So I’m in the market for a new drill press and left me wondering why Dewalt hasn’t made one. That got me thinking what other tools I’d like for them to release but probably won’t. So for conversation sake I’ll start with my list: Bench top or stand along drill press Spindle sander Jointer Drum Sander Cordless biscuit jointer These could very well be coming down the pipeline but I just don’t see dewalt coming out with the stationary tools (a concept I don’t understand because I feel like their lunchbox planer is amazing). So what would you guys love to see in Dewalt’s R&D department?
  3. Rtorres092382

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Whoops, missed that comment. Thanks
  4. Rtorres092382

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Does the dust port fit directly to both the miter saw and table saw?
  5. Rtorres092382

    New universal dust extractor (DWH161)

    Have you guys seen this new compact dust extractor from WOC 2019? Looks super compact and I think would pair awesome with the new cordless trim router coming out soon.
  6. Rtorres092382

    new Q1 2019 onsite brochure

    The dual port ripping fence on page 5 is interesting. Excuse my ignorance but is it just a fancy ripping board? Doesn’t look like the track for the track saw.
  7. Rtorres092382

    wingless' DCS355D1 20V MAX XR Oscillating Saw Kit

    Never thought to use painters tape to mark the cut lines on kaizen foam. This is genius, thanks!
  8. Rtorres092382

    new cordless router // DCW600B

    Since this was rumored to be available in January of 2019, and that date is fast approaching, does anyone have a more concrete timeline?
  9. Rtorres092382

    new cordless sander // DCW210B

    Looks like he sander is getting into the hands of reviewers. TiA has one, Toolpig has one...I want to know when I can get one. Any idea when we’ll see it in the big box stores?
  10. Rtorres092382

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Sounds like it would be a perfect pairing with the cordless sander.
  11. Rtorres092382

    new cordless radio DCR010 / Bluetooth

    Which corner of the web are you going to that you’re finding all of these press releases lol. JK, thanks for the info. I thank you but my wallet and wife have some choice words for you.
  12. Rtorres092382

    new cordless router // DCW600B

    Mid love to see more shop tools like a drill press and an oscillating sander. If they can make a FV powered table saw, why couldn’t they make other high draw shop tools?
  13. Rtorres092382

    new cordless router // DCW600B

    Now that there have been some new official announcements like the sander, router, and new jigsaws I wonder if there’s going to be anything else that comes across the plate this year. My shop is pretty much cordless now with the additions of the router and sander so anything else is icing on the cake. Wouldn’t hate a belt sander though.
  14. Rtorres092382

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    I hope I’m not the only one who can’t quite figure it out. Is the Tstak body where the motor is housed and you attach it to another tstak? Where does the sawdust/debris go?
  15. Rtorres092382

    new cordless sander // DCW210B

    Like most, I was initially looking at the battery placement and was irritated. But then I thought about it a little more and if you look at the battery on the Stanley and it looks like the front end of the battery sticks up above the natural resting area of your palm because of the vertical placement. Whereas on the Dewalt, since the battery is horizontal, the natural resting area sits above the battery so your wrist isn’t angled up. Just my 2 cents.