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  1. Rtorres092382

    Latest Rep Gossip

    Now that we’ve got the cordless sander and router (assuming rumors are true). What other tools would you guys like to see cut the cord? I know it’s more of a speciality tool but I’d love to see a brushless biscuit jointer, FV or 20V, I’m not that picky.
  2. Rtorres092382

    Latest Rep Gossip

    Where did you pick it up from? Also, what’s the height of the unit with. 9ah batter plugged in?
  3. Rtorres092382

    Latest Rep Gossip

    By very soon can we expect before the end of summer? I’ve got a kid on the way and would like to buy a few tools to round out my shop before I need to take a loan out to buy diapers.
  4. Rtorres092382

    Latest Rep Gossip

    Its about flippin’ time! Now that I have a price point, I just need a release date (that way I know how far in advance to get my wife something pretty).
  5. Rtorres092382

    Latest Rep Gossip

    Say again? Cordless router on the horizon?
  6. Rtorres092382

    9ah trade in DEAL

    Can the catalog be found online somewhere? I just realized that we have one in Houston 15 minutes from me. Not knowing was probably a good thing considering I’d spend most of my free time there.
  7. Rtorres092382

    Any news about tomorrow?

    Any chance these new releases have already been mentioned by others on the forums. Specifically something that rhymes with stouter or random morbital brander?
  8. Rtorres092382

    Tstak lovers Rejoice! Vac Rac in the house!

    Just saw this topic. I wonder if Handyman still has some floating around to buy.
  9. Rtorres092382

    2018 Dewalt event?

    Just wondering if anyone has insider information on an event from Dewalt this year? If I recall correctly, they usually come around June (Tough in the South, Flexvolt announcement) but someone can correct me if I’m wrong.
  10. Rtorres092382

    are the release dates (USA) known of some of the new tools

    Weird question but for anyone who’s actually seen it, roughly how tall is the fast charger with a 9.0 battery?
  11. Rtorres092382

    So any new tools coming soon?

    You guys think we’ll ever see a FV pressure washer?
  12. Rtorres092382

    So any new tools coming soon?

    One day I will look in this thread and see a 20/60v router and sander and I’ll smile and be happy. Until then I’m pleased with the tstak radio.
  13. Rtorres092382

    Pull the trigger on the 60v table saw or hold out for 120v

    Sorry to resurrect this topic but I’m having a similar dilemma. My local store has them on clearance for $250 with a battery and charger but I can’t help but think that this means a new 120V that can run dados is right around the corner.
  14. Rtorres092382

    DeWalt Seating solutions

    They were announced at IBS 2018...Dewalt is going to irritable bowel syndrome conventions now? Sorry I couldn’t resist. On a serious note, I wonder if Dewalt is trying to get into more shops with this push towards storage solutions and shelving. Come on Dewalt, make me happy and come out with more stationary tools like a drill press.
  15. Rtorres092382

    new DeWALT clamps

    Have these clamps been put on display for anyone yet? HD’s website says that a few stores have them in stock but I didn’t see them out with the rest of the clamps.