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  1. Makita USA new items

    What is the difference between the 7 and 9 inch other than the guard of course
  2. Hitachi multivolt

    But yes they are both dream but makita is more refined
  3. Hitachi multivolt

    I have more than 6 lol
  4. Makita cordless tracksaw

    I just got the tracksaw it is amazing I think it's the most powerful cordless tracksaw on the market if you are on the fence don't be it's worth every penny!!
  5. Hitachi multivolt

    I have 3 triple hammers and 3 td170 and I like the td170 better I have some videos on Instragram of the 2 head to head
  6. Show me your Makita collection!

    Awesome can't wait any idea when they will be available
  7. What tools did you buy today?

    I got the new makita x2 tracksaw !!! Pictures to come
  8. Show me your Makita collection!

    What??? New batteries he'll yeah I guess they won't work on x2 tools like the rear handle saw?
  9. Hitachi multivolt

    Where can I get them from
  10. DYIer looking for a good tool platform.

    They are all good
  11. Makita Rear Handle Circular Saw

    Awesome video jimbos amazing saw
  12. Monster Hammer Drill Shoot-out - oztooltalk video

    I like the looks of the hitachi
  13. case for dewalt 20v bandsaw

    No it doesn't
  14. What tools did you buy today?

    Big haul today hitachi roofing gun famous fein super cute and the fat max tape
  15. case for dewalt 20v bandsaw

    It doesn't fit in the tough system it's to wide