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    Dewalt Atomic

    I really prefer the hackzall style recip. saw. It really shines for one handed use. You can hold the piece you're cutting and still control the saw with your other. We have the current dewalt compact and even though it's virtually the same size as the hackzall, the handle configuration still doesn't allow for very good one handed operation.
  2. As far as I know there is no recommended service hours that a grinders grease should be changed at. I've never done it but with age I'm sure it doesn't hurt to freshen it up. Recently "Ave" took a hilti grinder apart cleaned it up and regreased it. He uses a mobil grease and he says it's maybe not exactly what is spec'd but it should be fine. If it's your first time hearing of "Ave" he's a youtuber that has torn apart hundreds of tools and while he might seem a bit goofy he really is smart and knowledgeable when it comes to tools and mechanical devices.
  3. Well I did a little more checking and indeed my m18 gen 3 drill and impact do have the new clips that the batteries fit. I just happened to have a surge sitting in my office and when the batteries didn't fit on there I checked with on a really old impact I have with the clip made out of round rod and that didn't fit. I guess I never noticed the new tools being different. The reason I said started is because there are still plenty of new tools out there being sold that still have the old style clip. I actually received a brand new in box mid torque impact wrench from milwaukees e-service acouple months ago and it still has the old clip. I probably over exaggerated the cost of replacement clips a little but between dewalt and milwaukee I probably have about 30 clips to replace and I was thinking an average of $5 a clip.
  4. Nice to know they've started to correct this issue. Still doesn't help my current situation though.
  5. Great news it's finally here, 1800 nut busting 1500ft/lbs forward torque. The bad news it cost $699 bare tool or $999 for a kit with two 8.0 batteries and fast charger. For the guys who really need the torque and a 1" drive it's probably worth the cost but your average construction worker or mechanic will never get to harness the power of this beast.
  6. So over the last year I've picked up a few dewalt 6.0xr batteries and found that if you have a belt clip on the tool they didn't really fit and you had to bend the clip a little to get it to go. This was a slight annoyance but they worked well now this last week I got my first m18 6.0 batteries with the 21700 cells and the belt clips on the milwaukees can't easily be bent. I'm sure there are those of you who take the belt clips off and throw them away and there was a time I thought they were gimmicky. But for assembling things out in the field I find them really convenient and pretty much have them on all of my tools and I don't think I've ever taken one off because it was in the way of a space i needed to get into. I don't want to see battery technology slow down on account of a belt clip, its just a little annoying to have battery compatibility issues. For the most part its not an issue with the 6.0 batteries because they typically get used on bigger tools that don't have belt clips. The other thing that's disappointing to me is i was looking forward to the 3.0 and 4.0 slim packs for my impacts and drills but I can see that not going to work with my tools as they are. I'm sure in time they will modify the belt clips but to retro fit all of my current clips would probably be a couple hundred dollars which just kind of sucks.
  7. To answer your first question the 2784-20 has a 1/4" collet and your dremels have 1/8" collets so no it wouldn't be a direct fit. I don't know if there is some sort of aftermarket insert adapter that would take a collet from a 1/4" to a 1/8" nor do I know if there is a flex shaft with a 1/4" drive shaft.
  8. Yep ebay and I've been trying not to as well especially since the 8.0 were announced. But I know I'm going to be buying the new 6" grinder when it comes out and I don't have any HO batteries. As much as I want the 8.0 I'm guessing a pair will be over $200 for awhile and the 6.0s were $115.
  9. I would have liked to have held out for the 8.0 but I got a good deal on these.
  10. Biggie

    Dewalt Atomic

    I know its been said before but power on impact drivers has gotten a bit carried away. Top speed on the premium impact drivers has almost become too much for a person driving 2-3" construction screws. A lot of it, myself included, comes down to ego and thinking you need the fastest most powerful tool and most of the time that's not really the case. The biggest problem for me is not that its not as powerful but its also still not as compact as Makita and MIlwaukee. I find myself working in tight places all the time and I know there are places the 887 wouldn't fit that I can get the m18 gen 3 into. Then again I think these are designed to compete with the makita sub compact line and compared to those they arent bad. Maybe the next dewalt premium impact driver will see some downsizing.
  11. I've had a lot of dewalt drills and impact drivers and wrenches split apart over the years but never a dcf887. Not sure if this picture from ereplacement parts helps.
  12. I've had a few 20v tools that a wire solder has broke on usually between the battery terminal and the trigger. If its not that simple it's probably something in the electronics which if it is you can replace it with an electronic assembly. The assembly include the battery terminal, trigger, electronic board, and magnetic motor housing all wired and podded together. I don't believe you can buy those parts individually so it makes troubleshooting pretty easy but more expensive. You can usually find assemblies on ebay but being that it's already a used tool you have to find it at the right price to make it worth it.
  13. Biggie

    Dewalt Atomic

    The entry level model dcf787 that they released a couple years ago only has one light.
  14. I think they're something to be excited about. Obviously they have to start somewhere with the re-launch but hopefully they actually expand the line in time and its not limited to new versions of thier existing 12v tools. After leaving the line for so long I would think it'll be hard to gain trust in it. Personally I like the makita approach of sub compact 18v tools and think dewalt has some of these in the pipeline too.
  15. From what you're describing I think you would be much happier with a drill/driver or hammer drill/driver. Most of these are cordless and I would think both a 12v or 18v would have the power to drill and drive the sizes you're talking about. The benefit to the "driver" mode of these drills is you can adjust the max torque to match the screw size so you don't break them. I'm not sure if they make a corded drill/driver though so I don't know if thats a deal breaker for you. But like Wingless said the impact drill you have listed is overkill and will not be very easy to use in your applications.
  16. Yea all of the IR impacts look nice and I've been tempted many times but different battery platform along with the price tag has kept me from trying one.
  17. Biggie

    Real or fake

    Second that. Knock off batteries are known for not always performing very well on high draw tool. I'm not a battey expert but what Ive learned is even though they have a 3.0ah rating they might perform okay on a lower draw tool like a drill but on a tool like a grinder the battery drains faster than normal.
  18. Where are these other post? I'm interested to see what 12v stuff they have coming.
  19. Yea it's always a hard decision when to fix and when to move on. Dumb thing with my 2703 is its only 2 years old. When it was 1 year old the rotor went bad. I sent it into a service center instead of e-service and was denied, last time I'll do that. Now it's 2 years old and I replaced the chuck. Total it's only $60 I have into it but I've seen new 2804 for as low as $80 on ebay. My thought process was that I have a 2703 and 2704 so between the two of them I figured I could get some use out a newer "better?" chuck.
  20. I hope to have better luck with the new style chuck. This drill has been a money pit and I probably should have just taken the money I paid for the new chuck and bought another gen 3. I personally have found that it's worth spending the extra money for the hammer drill(2704,2804) vs the drill drill/driver(2703,2803). Even though I don't use the hammer function, the hammer drill comes with a chuck with carbide inserts and without them I wear out the chuck jaws. So the replacement chuck I bought for my 2703 is the new 2804 chuck. When you look these up on parts web sites they don't say they're compatible but they are.
  21. Biggie

    Real or fake

    Some more information would be helpful, possibly a picture. Was it brand new? I highly doubt it would be fake just because the old stick style are becoming somewhat obsolete so I just don't see the market for making fakes. The other question I would have for you is what kind of performance are you expecting? Those 18v grinders definately don't have the power of a corded grinder and were kind of limited to cut off wheels and light grinding. They were also pretty battery hungry and even your 18v xrp batteries were only 2.4ah where as now most people running a cordless grinder effectively are probably using at least a 4.0ah.
  22. 1. Compact 1/2" brushless impact wrench. I would have thought we would see this year's ago but for some reason dewalt decided to bow out to milwaukee in this category. 2. 60v metal cutting circular saw 8"ish blade. I've used a milwaukee corded 8" for years and the thing is an animal. Recently we started using the m18 fuel 5 3/8" and while they are impressive with what they can cut I think dewalt would have a winner with 60v power. I'd love to see this but I don't know how big the market is.
  23. Well since no one could really give me a direct comparison between the dewalt and milwaukee 1 1/8" I ended up with both haha. I really still wanted a bigger m18 on my truck and the price was just too good to pass up. Now if winter would go away so we could get back to real work and test them out.
  24. Not sure how these flew under the radar but I'm glad I held off on getting a 9". This paired with a couple 8.0 batteries, milwaukee found another way to take my money.
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