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  1. TrimmerMatt


    54v at 4 amps would be the same charge rate as 18v at 12 amps. DeWalt could even push the 20700 cells to 6 amps or 18 amps at 18v for 9ah flexvolts. It would be great for charge times but might wear the batteries faster.
  2. TrimmerMatt

    Dcs355b question

    I feel a strong plastic is better. It will flex instead of breaking and is lighter. Mine takes a ton of abuse.
  3. TrimmerMatt


    It's the heat. Heat kills the cells faster than anything. If you abuse the cells when they are already hot they won't last long. Mine get used hard daily and are kept fully charged most of the time. But I don't store them in a hot place and let them cool before charging if they do get hot. Some of my 6.0 flexvolts are over 2 years old and still as strong as ever. All of my 9's are over a year old. I have 2.0 and 4.0 packs from 2013/2014. Still work great. But look terrible!
  4. TrimmerMatt

    new cordless sander // DCW210B

    I got mine from toolnut.com a couple weeks ago. I think they made a mistake shipping it but I'm not complaining.
  5. TrimmerMatt

    Highest drain tools

    The sawzall isn't too hard on batteries. If you kill a battery fast enough to get it hot you are going to be beating yourself up too. The table saw and chainsaw can get batteries hot if used hard non stop.
  6. TrimmerMatt

    Highest drain tools

    The 60v compressor and table saw can suck down 9 AH batteries fast if used hard. Also the chainsaw can drain a 9 in what seems like a few minutes when pushed hard bucking. My circ saw and grinder can drain a battery fast but typically only get used in spurts so it's never an issue. Easiest would be lights, radio and dcf887 impact. Nail guns run an amazing long time too.
  7. TrimmerMatt

    Freud blade on the 20v (18v) mitre ?

    Small molding that flexes as you cut it and the blind apprentice that just needs to make one cut will change your mind about hook angle fast. Being arrogant will also get you in trouble no matter what you do. Back on subject @Craigh9916 what is the part number for the Freud blade your interested in? I wouldn't mind trying something different.
  8. TrimmerMatt

    Freud blade on the 20v (18v) mitre ?

    You would have to find one made for a miter saw. Every 7 1/4 blade that I tried was too thin and had too agressive hook angles. I use a Makita 40t 7 1/2" blade. It is thicker and made for miter saws. You do have to clearance the guard slightly for it.
  9. TrimmerMatt

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    If it has the blower and they just omitted the switch that's great. I hate the switch, it should always be on.
  10. TrimmerMatt

    Flexvolt 6 and 9 Ah on the 20v mitre saw ?

    If you are doing a LOT of cutting then you will notice the 9 will keep peak performance for longer, but honestly it's not a big difference. I only use the 9 in my baby saw when I'm cutting lots of shoe molding and don't want to go back and forth to the charger. By the time I kill a 9 I'm done the job or ready to take 5.
  11. TrimmerMatt

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    Finess and hand feel are a matter of opinion
  12. TrimmerMatt

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    Sometimes the blower switch gets bumped off on mine and I hate it. If this doesn't have the blower I'll pass for sure. I really don't see anything wrong with the old brushed jigsaw.
  13. TrimmerMatt

    New 3ah compact vs 5ah

    5ah should still outperform the 3. There are 2x the cells so they will see half the load. 21700 cells are better but not twice as good as 25r in the 5.0.
  14. TrimmerMatt

    Latest Rep Gossip

    It is one of the few tools in the US that I never find good deals on. Almost always selling for around 150. I picked mine up on ebay a couple years ago for 120.
  15. TrimmerMatt

    Latest Rep Gossip

    I agree with Hugh on this one. I use the jig saw a lot and don't feel it has any real weakness. Maybe add a light and better bevel adjustment but that wouldn't be enough to make me upgrade. I'm not into the barrel grip but understand if that is what you are used to it would be nice. What do you feel it is lacking?