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  1. Totally agree! I bought mine when they first came out and had so many DeWalt batteries it didn't matter
  2. Take a screw or brad nail and release the spring from the flap. Takes a few seconds and saves you from shooting four letter words when you are in a hurry.
  3. I see why I never noticed it before. It is a TANK. I need a lightweight 3x18 sander. The Ryobi is about right but I wish DeWalt would make one more compact and lighter with a little more belt speed. Wishful thinking I guess.
  4. I don't know why DeWalt won't get into belt sanders. I don't think they even sell a corded one in the USA. Roofing nailer would be great but might not happen because roofs get hot and that kills batteries. Biscuit jointer needs to happen too.. come on DeWalt
  5. Adam is correct. The only thing different about your batteries is the stickers. They only call them 20v in the USA because of marketing.
  6. What kind of adapter do you use on the table saw? I'm getting sick of using masking tape.
  7. eBay. The seller was factory authorized outlet but the box said max tool when it arrived. It took almost a month from when I ordered.
  8. I got mine on Friday and used it for about 6 hours on Saturday. It lasts as long on one 9ah as my dwv010 lasts on 4 using the power station. It is a LOT quieter, to the point that with a heater and radio blasting next to me and earplugs in sometimes I couldn't hear it running. The suction is slightly less than the dwv010 but not enough to make a significant difference. The remote worked flawlessly right out of the box and is the best feature. It didn't seem to lose suction through the day and I had it half full.
  9. Me either but I'm not worried about it. I want it because I'm tired of running a cord for my regular vac every time or ditching it and dealing with dust when breakers are blowing and having the remote will be a time saver. I also wanted something more portable for my orbital. I run out of hose when doing handrails and without it I'm blowing brown snots for days!
  10. I just watched that video. He says that it gets paired with the vac at about 1:18
  11. Good question. I would hope they have that figured out. I wonder if the transmitter needs to be paired to the vac.
  12. I bought one of them on eBay yesterday too, I was pretty excited to see it. I had a 15% off coupon so it was 297.50 for me. I'll let you know when it comes.
  13. Ive been using mine a lot and am constantly impressed by it. Beats my old brushed 20v impact and is half the size.
  14. The same thing happens with the corded models. They need to be cleaned and lubed periodically or they will wear out. Also be careful not to turn them too high or too low it can strip out the aluminum. Once there is slop in them like you see they wear out even quicker.
  15. Every finish nailer I use needs a driver assembly every 50-60,000 nails. Seems reasonable to me, can't expect any nail gun to last forever without maintenance. The triggers also get finicky but I clean them with electric cleaner and put some dielectric grease in. Haven't had one have a problem after that. I'm sure a lot of guns go back for warranty because of these issues. I can't wait for DeWalt to replace them so I just fix them myself. The trigger is an easy and cheap fix and drive blades are just a wear item.
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