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  1. This section is geared for power tool news only. If you get some news or find something out about new tools or whatever, share it with the Crew. Let's get some discussion going on new tools. What are your thoughts, good, bad or indifferent?
  2. What we have a forum? When did this happen? Check this out, We had our friends James and Morgan over today. They are married and both decided to buy an RV, start blogging and traveling the country with it. Subscribe and like their channel. That RV is insane, were gonna film it for the channel. Comment on their vid that the crew was there. Good people.
  3. Thanks for understanding guys. We just want to keep DeWALT and you guys happy! DeWALT really hooks us up with giveaway tools and truly are one of the best companies to work with. They do not ask for much so it is the least we can do for them. We will all find out in June about the new stuff they have coming out.
  4. You guys are the best!
  5. Ok here is the deal! That tool was stolen from DeWALT it is their property. DeWALT contacted us nicely and asked us to take it down while they investigate which we did. We could have told them to pound sand. However since they support, advertise and we have a signed Embargo agreement with them it is unwise to not to cooperate with them. We appreciate you guys posting stuff and want you to keep doing it. (Obviously not with this product) once in a while, Yes it might get pulled down do to agreements with the companies. We simply do not have huge legal teams and it makes no sense to alienate the companies that support us. Tools In Action works because we have good relationships with these companies and we respect their agreements. DeWALT is good to us and I want to keep our relationship in good standing. Dan
  6. HA HA not! It's a huge Ryobi Giveaway. Will be this week :}
  7. lol looks like one of those 2 headed babies. Just doesn't look right!
  8. Dan - TIA

    New Toy

    Awesome Santi! Great gun! For the extra $$ it is worth it. Night sites rock!
  9. Good Job Jimbo. Chicago burbs? You should be a part of the studio audience lol Maybe shoot some vids
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