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  1. People who are saying "I'm still waiting on a 20v brushless recip and circ saw"... The new 60v recip and circ are brushless and while they run on the 60v battery, you can still use those 60v batteries in your other 20v tools. So the only down fall is you have to buy new batteries when you get these new brushless saws. But those batteries will work in your other tools. So there really isn't a big problem in my opinion. The 60v batteries are retailing for $10 more than the 5.0 20v batteries, so you can almost consider these new saws part of your 20v system (almost). You also get a lot more power than the Fuel.
  2. It is bran new, I think it just started shipping.
  3. 18v Tools that won't accept the adapter: NailersRadios ChargersDC020 & DC022 LightsGeneratorsVac & Lasers (will work but the doors won't close)Earlier model 18v band saws (don't have a date code yet)
  4. Actually, the lights on the XPS saws has 3 LED's and because of that, is a lot brighter than the add on light.
  5. I've heard the area in the store that has the power tools referred to as the "tool corral". In some higher theft stores, there is only 1 entrance/exit to the area, that is why I thought it may be refereed to as that.
  6. Gatorb888

    dewalt tools

    You hit it on the head with the $100 dollar idea.
  7. I don't personally sell CribMaster but it is part of the Stanley Black & Decker company that Dewalt belongs to. Let me know if you need some contact info.
  8. Gatorb888

    dewalt tools

    Dewalt does not change anything about a tool to hit a lower price point. They will sell a different tool (DCD771 for example) that may not be as powerful as the DCD780 and may come with different batteries and a charger that doesn't charge as fast, in order to hit a lower price point. But you won't find a cheaper/more robust version of the same model number tool.
  9. Google Search: DWST08205 I saw one US online retailer that is stocking them. They just started shipping out.
  10. 1) A more expensive solution would be to use CribMaster cabinets. you can read about them here: http://www.cribmaster.com/solutions/tool-control/prolock 2) Dewalt's new bluetooth batteries allow you to lend a battery out to someone for a specified amount of time along with typing in who you lent it to. After the lend time is up, the battery will disable its self.
  11. I'm not sure if big box stores carry the brushless compact drill. If they carry the DCD790D2 I'm sure they will carry the 791 when it becomes available. Because the 791 is replacing the 790. Same with the 886 and the new 887 impact. ETA December. Sorry, I'm not on the big box side, but i'm willing to bet you'll see both new tools there.
  12. The newer ones are, I think they started making them here this summer. I just visited the manufacturing facility a few weeks ago and saw them being made in person.
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