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  1. haha comp ok I would not call it nothing but they should improve the dust chute to make it more efficient. I don't have the festool kapex chute yet but I might get one....I heard from 3 guys already that it works like a charm Hear a video from a guy I know.
  2. I don't agree with you taylorv1. the dust collection kinda is a disappointment with the stock dust chute. bosch should have made the chute longer. even with a vac attached it doesnt collect all. You can add the festool kapex dust chute (apron) and you will see its day and night. Or even a homemade longer version works.
  3. Yep I have the saw. Its a beast and I love it. the T4B is a must when you want to haul it around. Its pretty heavy. the dust chute needs a few modifications but otherwise its a amazing saw. the a little table on the extension arms is very helpful. Attached a picture from a quick and easy one haha. Still gotta build a proper one.
  4. They sure look funny. but bosch has a lot of tools in their green line for DIY and homeowner.
  5. sorry to hear that but good luck with your auction
  6. somebody from another forum (hes member here too) he bought the PS42 baretool from europe and it was $129 with shipping to the US. so i think it wont be to expensive. but I'll be more intested in a lboxx kit with some batteries
  7. we will see the PS42 and PS82 in May 2016. Info from Bosch Product Manager. The PS42 will be added to my collection as soon as its hits the stores. Its gonna be my first 12V tool from bosch.
  8. PS42 and PS82 will be available in May as many other new releases (not 12V tool related)
  9. at the WOC they had the PS42. really powerful EC motor. It was fun to play around with it. release date gonna be May. Definitely on my list to buy.
  10. bosch is going to discontinue some of their pneumatic tools in NA
  11. great video jimbo. i have that FNS250 too and love it...actually used it today to shoot some 2" nails. i own that one for over a year now. i bought the 23ga last year from menards when they had it on clearance. i almost have every nailer from bosch you can think about. just need the 18ga brad nailer (BNS200-18) ... the porter cable in the picture will be replaced with a bosch one attached a little nailer family picture
  12. the daredevil bits are amazing
  13. your basement looks like my messy garage. cant step somewhere without falling over something
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