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  1. Hello guys , Part of other projecs now im building 2 welding Tables , 1.5x0.8m and 2x1m , if you like to see how i can manage this project then just stay tune .. Thanks
  2. Welding old alumium radiator for Husquarna 1988...
  3. OK guys i read all topic and we need to stop for sec because is hard to read some of words .. like Miller and other scrap About BRANDS BEST ON THE WORLD is Fronius , ESAB ,Kemppi , Rehm , and rest of it ..? just welding machine , but please when you writing Miller, Everlast , Jasse , first they looks very bad and 2nd this is just better CHINA. But when you weld once with Fronius or Esab then you will understand how welding machine can help even you are not good welder . This is fact and is no question about it , nothing to say more or less , that the f
  4. THIS IS WHAT FORUM IS ABOUT , HELP, SHARE , TALK .. ENJOY Hello guys , i will like to share my working progress of building my 2x CNC one is made of 100x100 CNC Plasma /MILL combo 2.5mx1.5x 2nd is made of 80x80 and size is 1.5m.1m and this will be router mill with pneumatic tools changer. Subscribe ,LIKE ,Share and stay tune for more detail of my hard work .. https://youtu.be/NZINdgYYHD4 https://youtu.be/HXLN-BrXmoI https://youtu.be/Y3CbDbcLvHo
  5. Hello guys , i will posting some picture and video of welding i did . For sure you will get more info about welding with more details. Weldin section is almost dead so we can bring to life You will see all stile of welding and welding technique . and for those who does know what FORUM means : FORUM is place where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. https://youtu.be/EBhTg1JwkJQ
  6. Hello everyone , what i can say about me .... i stop counting after 20y and 100 tons of wire .. :) That all
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