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Miter saw bench placement


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I currently have a non sliding 10" Hitachi on a stand I am selling to my friend. I would like to purchase a sliding saw, looking at the masterforce compact dual bevel slide miter saw. I am thinking of cutting the right side of my bench, and adding the saw to the right side flush with the top of the bench. That side of my bench is 6' with the other side of the L as 6' as well. With a dual bevel I can use either the left or right side of the saw as needed. Also I was thinking of routing in a T track with a moveable stop block on the left side to make repeat cuts.

Does this sound like a sound idea? My main concern I have would be dust collection. I don't have a dedicated system but sure I could rig up something to my shop vac. Here is a pic of the right side of my bench. The saw would be all the way on the right side.

Don't mind the mess right now. In the midst of reorganization


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14 minutes ago, JimboS1ice said:

Hitachi has that nice 12" slider/glider that can get placed against a wall, supposed to be a really nice saw. Your idea sounds like it would be pretty cool.


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I really like that saw, it is just soooo big. lol. The masterforce basically mimics that one where it can be placed against the wall as well. Also happens to be $100 cheaper


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