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Bonney hand tools


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Back on June 6th my best friend growing up was killed in a car accident. To honor his memory I had a nice metal memorial sign made to place at the crash site. His brother and I drove out to the site to post the sign and began looking around. Over the hill where his Jeep came to a stop I found a few miscellaneous items that were his such as CD's, a lighter, flashlight, and a Bonney nut driver. His brother bagged everything up but knowing that I'm a tool junky he gave the Bonney driver to me. I got to wondering what ever happened to Bonney tools? After some research I found and article that answered my question. Check it out.


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I miss getting all the latest tool catalogs, It has been a while since I received a tool brands catalog. I think the last new one I got was Snap-ons, now it seems all I get are sales fliers and tool supply house catalogs like Graingers. I really hope someone is archiving all the digital catalogs so future researchers can know about what tools are available in our day and age.

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I don't remember the last printed tool catalog I got. Probably Channellock a few years back.

Well actually, if you count smaller companies, I do still get brand catalogs, companies like Lee Valley still put out a dead tree version of their catalogs, I haven't seen a power tool manufactures catalog in a while though.

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Well, I still don't have cell service most places but I can save articles and read them later. I got really into podcasts for awhile. Be nice to have a good tool related on to listen to now and then.

I agree, I can't really watch videocasts while I'm working and all the tool blogs seem to be focusing on them now. There are still a few e-casters who have audio only friendly shows, but none that really cater to tool heads. a lot of radio programs make good listening, I'm a big fan of Coast to Coast and Leo Laporte's shows @ http://twit.tv/

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