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Camping/Roughing It


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Hey crew, it looks like I'll be heading out to the wilderness for a few days next month with the family. Got any advice? I think I have most things covered, but I haven't been camping in likely 4 years. I thought this could be a good spot for some TIA anecdotes and memories of camping, etc. and the humorous things that take place when you take some modern amenities away from people.


I've bought a fairly nice tent, I'll be taking the pelican cooler I use for a lunch kit, as well as picking up a 70 quart for the main foods. We have a couple sleeping bags already, so I'm not looking to spend big dollars on that, but if anyone has any recommendations on sleeping pads? I'd rather have two separate sleeping pads and avoid the disturbances of two people trying to sleep on an air mattress.  

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I only have a cheap 3cm self inflatable sleeping pad  but I've done some research. Thermarest and Sea to Summit make some comfortable sleeping pads that use multi cells. 


Thermarest neoair is a very lightweight inflatable model and they have a few variations of it. 


I don't own one yet but I hope to get a sea to summit comfort plus insulated sleeping pad. 

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It looks like Thermarest have some new models out since I last looked. 



You might like the new 10cm thick Mondoking 3D:





Lightweight 6cm Neoair xlite:



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