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Framing Nail Gun


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So, I do basic DIY projects and have been doing it for some 20 years, but strictly do it as a recreational hobby. I have never attempted a project like the one I'm about to. I found out the wife is pregnant, and now have to build one to two bedrooms in the basement for family and friends to stay in. I live in Denver, CO and are required because of our clay soil to build a floating wall frame. My question comes down to I mostly have Dewalt 20v tools, and I have a 15 gallon air compressor that goes to 210 psi. Does the degree of the framing nail gun matter? What would be the best for this project and why are there different degrees on the gun?? Seems trivial, but I like to buy things once and use them till they are over worked. I am going to pre-assemble on the ground, then nail it in to the rafters. No judging, just want to know before I attempt this for the first time!!   Thanks in advance.!!

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Steeper angles get the nose in tighter corners easier. Dewalt makes nice cordless nail guns, though if you have a compressor then a pneumatic gun will be less expensive. If you don't plan on making a lot of use of the gun in the future then the best gun is the one that will sink whatever length of nails you'll use the cheapest. Likely pneumatic. Cordless guns are pretty cool though. Dwain has an oz tool talk video comparing cordless framing guns, they look awesome and have tons of power. 

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21 hours ago, Stercorarius said:

Hitachi NR83A3

Good gun that will treat you well, as will most any decently received guns by any of your local places if you ask around. Even if you can't get one brand someone might suggest real easy, there are others that should easily fit the bill due your use. I still once in awhile use my Bostitch coil framing nailer, never let me down once, and it will still operate fine even when pressure drops to where I've had others guns not drive the nail as well.... Just something curious I thought to pass along. Although the last time I checked, the coil framing nails are harder to come by. My vote would be for a Hitachi though

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