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New RedLithium batteries


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Update from one of my favorite Canadian suppliers (BC Fasteners).


M12 3.0, M12 XC6.0, M18 9.0HD available September 15


M18 XC6.0 available September 30


of more interest is charge times:


battery/rapid time/standard time

M12 3.0 - 65 min / 70 min

M12 6.0 - 90 min / 130 min

M18 6.0 - 68 min / 124 min

M18 9.0 - 95 min / 180 min


All I have to say about that is that rapid chargers better become standardized across their entire lineup and they can put the old ones out to pasture, or stick them in the crap kits with the budget brushed stuff because with the competition using fan-cooled high current charging these times look pretty pathetic to me. 

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1 hour ago, Bremon said:

I still can't believe the pricing. For $25 more you can get a pair of 5.0 instead of one 6.0.  At least the 9.0 gets you increased performance and roughly the same runtime as the two 5.0. 


This could be the reason:  Here in europe at the least every battery that has a higher capacity then 100 watt hours ( 18v * 6 Ah =  more then 100 wh ) falls under a law that states it is an 'dangerous amount of lithium' .  Every battery with more then 100wh  needs spezial packaging, special labeling, some precautions for transport, more paperwork... blah blah blah.    And this all drives up the costs.


6 amp batteries are alot more expensive then 5 amp batteries here in belgium at least and that is because of that law :)

I'm not sure if you have a thing like that in the USA  but if you do, good chance that drives up the costs :)

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