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Lee Lumber

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A few weeks ago I thought I had found the Holy Grail the DeWalt 6212 Dovetail Jig. I purchased it second hand however it was in excellent condition and looked brand new, I thought I had a real bargain.  The Dilemma though upon reading the user guide was the fact that the four router cutter/bits supposed to be in the set were missing.  I contacted the person who sold me the item who said he did not have them, I contacted DeWalt and to my surprise they told me they did not make the bits and that I should contact Trend.  Trend stated that they did not make the size bits and that I should contact DeWalt.  I further contacted DeWalt and many emails later they have still not come up with any solutions to supply, locate or recommend what I should do.  They could not even give me the full measurements of the cutters.  All I have from the user guide is that the bits should be 8mm shanks not 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch and the following sizes.

* Dovetail cutter 13.5mm (17/32), cutting angle 7 degrees

* Straight Cutter 8.73mm (11/32)

* Dovetail Cutter 7.14mm (9/32), Cutting angle 7 degrees

* Straight Cutter 9.75mm (5/16)

Dear readers I am after some advice.  Does anyone know of the bits I require, there full measurements including cutter depth, overall bit length and where I can purchase them from?  Otherwise I have a perfectly good jig just sitting on a shelf with no means of using it.




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