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Got my hands on a Flexvolt battery today. I'm extremely curious as to how it works so I took some voltage readings on the terminals of the battery.


B+/B- is 19.23v

B+/C3 is 7.69v

B+/C1 is 15.38v

C3/B- is 11.54v

C1/B- is 3.85v

C1/C3 is 7.7v

TH/C1 is 15.37v

TH/B- is 19.21v

Any other combination yields no voltage.

My probes don't fit into ID, C2 and C4 so I need to get some wire and alligator clamps.

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...I know that it's functional, and what a gamechanger it is for Dewalt for shipping. I'm saying, having a couple of them on hand here it's hard to believe that this clip is such a big deal. It LOOKS like it does nothing :P


Browsing Dewalt media it seems it pushes a spring-loaded bar back, breaking a connection.

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If you look at the battery photo in the OP, there are 2 recesses, lower down and to the left and right of terminals B+ and B-.. The Red transport clip has two tags that locate into these, and push them inwards, thus initiating the 'disconnect' within the battery... 

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