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Flex Volt OPE


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There was a picture of one that even showed some specs that I saw recently.  It was an internal document so I don't think it was meant to get out.  The one it showed appeared to only be a 20v one.  I was rather surprised by that.  I would of thought it would be on the Flexvolt line instead to get enough power.  Maybe it was just an early proof of concept.  I would be surprised if they did that at this point as I don't think it would be able to deliver enough power. 

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20 hours ago, DR99 said:

Maybe they are only doing a 20v version because Flexvolt would be compatible anyways it just wouldn't be 60/120v depending on how they do things.

At first, I thought that would be a plus.  After thinking on it more though, I just don't think it would have enough power unless they did some sort of x2 configuration but don't think they would as it would make things even muddier. 


Right now I believe the confirmed tools are the blower, string trimmer and chainsaw.  I have not see a hedge trimmer yet but wondering if it might not be to heavy with the FV battery, especially as it is a tool you tend to stretch to reach some places. 

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