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Pretty Cool Layout Tool


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Hey guys, being a Festool guy, my Kapex came with a tool just like this and it has proven itself invaluable for laying out baseboard and the like. I got an email from woodpeckers for the Bora tool which is essentially the same as the one included with my kapex. Really a cool tool to have on hand, just thought I'd share :)

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I recently picked up this one from Grizzly tools. Now there website says its unavailable. I do not remember what I paid for it, but I'm pretty sure it was around 25.00 or I would not have purchased it.  I have not used it yet though.  https://www.lowes.com/pd/BORA-Bora-Angle-Master-Duplicator/4196291

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8 hours ago, albert.amantea said:

I just ordered one of these myself from woodpeckers! Thanks for cool info... 30 bucks is cheap!

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Glad to pass it on! If your doing any remodeling work this is a pretty cool tool to have! Especially for those outside angles too :)

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Hahahahahahaha if $8.22 for priority shipping kills the deal then clearly you don't need that!!!!   [emoji6]


Ha ha I just get annoyed sometimes with shipping charges I know it's a necessary evil but doesn't 37.99 plus free shipping sound better? Lol thanks for guilting me now dude!

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