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Ridiculous novice question about mounting blade on M18 circular saw 2630-20


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If you know this tool, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look at this! I can't solve this problem without talking to another user or seeing a properly working saw.

I bought a Milwaukee M18 tool kit a couple of years ago. I never even looked at the circular saw until it was well out of warranty... but now that I have tried to use it, I think that my saw might be missing a part.

To secure the blade to the shaft, the manual says you need an inner and outer flange, plus the bolt. The inner and outer flange seem to be the same diameter, per the diagram in the manual. It also seems like the inner flange can be removed from the shaft.

I don't think my saw came with an inner flange but since I have never seen this tool in person beyond the one I have, I cannot be sure.

Below is a picture of what I have, including the diagram from the manual.

It seems like I MUST be missing the inner flange; if I put the blade on, and then tighten the outer flange down, the saw simply doesn't work, binding up right away. The blade also is not mounted on a part that has the same diameter as the outer flange, and the diagram makes it clear that it should be.

Home Depot where I bought it was entirely unhelpful... but I got a peek at a saw new in the box, and it sure looks like I am missing the inner flange part. I still can't be sure, though, since it was all bagged up.

The really weird thing is it doesn't seem like there is enough depth on the shaft to mount the inner flange and create a "sandwich," unless the inner flange is much thinner than the outer.

Anyway... If you know this saw, please take a look at the image and let me know what you think!


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