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Can't get Porter-Cable circular saw blade to stay tight


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I have an oldie-but-goodie Porter Cable model 368-1 Type 2. I have tightened the arbor bolt as tight as I possible can (holding the inner nut with a wrench) but when I use the saw, the blade loosens up. I know the bolt is not too long, because I can get it to bottom out without the blade. I have attached pics of the saw and the arbor parts that I am using. Hopefully they are the correct ones. 


Is there some friction material I should be adding between the copper washer and the blade? Help! Thanks.59c027cb12c88_PorterCableModel368-1Type2saw.thumb.jpg.2539c292b2cde2dbc1717dd99665879d.jpg

Porter Cable Model 368-1 Type 2 arbor washers and bolt 3.jpg

Porter Cable Model 368-1 Type 2 arbor washers and bolt.jpg

Porter Cable Model 368-1 Type 2 arbor.jpg

Porter Cable Model 368-1 Type 2 label.jpg

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Thanks JMG. It look like the new washer as a very slight raised rim along the edge on the side that faces the blade. On mine, that is worn out. I wonder if that ridge gives the washer a bit of "spring" to hold tight against the blade and arbor nut. 


I read on some other forums that a thin card paper washer can also help. I am going to try that first, and if it doesn't do the job, I'll order a new washer. 


The other irritant with this saw is that you need a very thin 1-1/4" wrench to hold the inner arbor nut. Very hard to find. There are guys selling these on eBay for $20-50! I might just get a regular wrench and grind it down. :)



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