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NiCd to LiPo upgrade?


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I have a problem with my drills batteries because they are old and don't hold 

charge any more like they used to (no torque and speed). The drill itself is in good shape so i was thinking about buying a

new LiPo battery and replacing the connectors and stuff to make it work with my drill.

The drill is Bosch GSR 12-2 PRO.

Is this a good idea and would it work normally or is it more beneficial to buy a new drill?


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You can do it but it's not terribly economic to do so unless you can get the battery for cheap. The cells should be welded to the tabs and that's not easy, you can't stick, MIG or TIG weld it (reliably without danger), it's an ultrasonic weld. With drill kits being around $100-$120 on sale, there's no real reason, in my opinion, to make your current tool backwards compatible. The new stuff probably won't last as long but replacement costs aren't a lot.

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