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The aftermath of an impulse buy! haha


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The in laws were watching my two year old and my wife was busy helping decorate for a high school graduation party and I had a few hours to kill with nothing particular I wanted or needed to do after work.  On the way home I decided to go to Home Depot to just look around.  I had just a couple days before snagged a double battery pack and 3 gal cordless shopvac and inflator for $120.  I mostly have 20V Dewalt tools, but last year bought into Ryobi's 40V outdoor line and I have loved them.  My dad also has a bunch of Ryobi tools and I've always loved the creativity and household tools within their 18V line, so I decided to buy into the 18V line to give me more variety in battery tools I can use.

Well, still riding the high of buying new tools I walked into home depot and cruised the aisles with no real intention of spending money.  That is until up on the very top of the aisle over the powertools...I SAW IT.  The Ryobi Devour!  Now I've barely heard of this thing, but I did recognize it from poking around the internet.  There was only one of them and on the Home Depot website, they are backordered and it says they aren't even sold in stores yet.  This got me excited. I quickly googled/youtubed it and saw a bunch of glowing reviews.  Off the bat, I didn't really feel like I had a huge need for it, but it just looked so cool and at that point seemed rare.  After walking around the store for another hour or so, I decided to pull the trigger and ask a sales associate to grab it for me with the thought that I could always return it if I had a change of heart.  When the associate got it down, it had a huge tear down the back of the box and for some reason, that just really bothers me.  I still took it, but decided i stop at another Home Depot on the way home to see if by chance they had any where I could exchange it for a better box (being anal and OCD).  


Well at that Home Depot, in a different place but about halfway up the shelving, I saw four of them in pristine boxes.  I made the exchange and brought it home.  I can say it did seem to take away some of the excitement from the "rarity".  I set it in the garage and still haven't opened it yet.  In review I watched, many guys joked about how they tested in their house to pick up kids toys like legos. I have half seriously considered bringing it in the house and telling my wife this is the answer to all of the cars, trucks and dinosaurs that are all over our living room every night.  She's actually made a joke about how she wished she had a vacuum just like this to pick up all the toys and easily dump them in one of his toy bins.  I'm scared though that I'll get chewed for buying something that seems kind of frivolous when we've got more pressing issues at hand...I mean I probably could get away with it just tucked in the garage, but bringing it to her is a risk haha.  I also woodwork as a hobby, but haven't done so in awhile due to starting a new job, having a 2 year old and just the busy-ness of life right now, but Summer is here and I'm itching to do some projects.  I do think this tool would be great to help clean up the garage after those wood working sessions.  I also think this thing could possibly pick up some small rock in our backyard that gets kicked from a dog path up against our back fence.  it may even change the game as far as raking up leaves in fall, but I don't know if anyone has tested it out yet to do that.


What is the last impulse buy that you weren't sure you really needed or should have bought?  Have any of you let a tool sit for awhile and pondered if you should take it back? haha  Do any of you have a Devour and have you used it for this incredibly out of the box use of being a toy picker-upper?  Have you used it for any other applications than just workshop debris clean up?  I'd love to hear from those that have one and what their thoughts are on it.





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Almost all of my impulse buys see me considering returning them.  Then I think, "some day..."


I haven't had time for much more than minor projects for the past couple of years.  Instead, I've taken advantage of great deals on tools, usually looking at the little used--if not unused--tool lying around.  Those days will be done in another week, though.  I'll be moving to an area where I'll always have a lot to do, while working fairly normal hours once again and having weekends off.

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I just looked to see what a Devour was and it seems like it has set a record for shortest lived Ryobi tool. It is apparantly already on clearance at HD. That doesn't mean it was a bad tool but it apparantly did not sell or was not profitable to make. I have an old Shark carpet sweeper and I am always surprised how well it picks up without vacuum and only a brush. That Devour reminds me of a street sweeper.

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