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New Ego Mower

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I have found a new Ego Mower that uses a dual battery system. All the others use single battery. It utilizes Ego's PeakPower technology which is basically Ego's way of utilizing both batteries at the same time to make the tool more efficient and increase runtime. The snowblower is the only other tool Ego offers that has PeakPower. Right now it only comes in a dual 5 ah kit, with self propelled, and composite deck.  I would like to see a self propelled steel deck option with a true side discharge on the side like the other steel deck Ego mowers. The Ego steel deck mowers are more pro oriented in my opinion than the composite. The composite mowers have a side discharge but it is via the back and not the side which to me it not a true side discharge. I would also like to see an option of a bare kit and a dual 7.5 or if/when a 9 ah comes out a dual 9 ah kit. I heard a 9 ah is in the works but I haven't heard anything since.

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It is still unclear to me if the dual battery system is actually going to make the mower more powerful in the sense of ability to go through taller grass and handle more difficult jobs or if (as early reading supects) it is only going to save you a trip to the garage to replace your empty battery.


If it's only about runtime, I'd find the single battery mower more interesting since ending up with 2 dry batteries at the same time would be problematic and force you to interrupt my work for a long time, unless you have a total of 4 batteries and two chargers. 


Some of the early (unconfirmed) complaints I have read are:


  • The use of a brushed motor, some tend to consider that brushless should be the new standard for battery OPE.
  • No progress on deck design, many people have complained that mulching capabilities were not so great on the previous 21" model.
  • Unlike its steel deck counterpart, the nose of this mower is too long and makes it difficult to get into corners


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The reviews on the Ego website for whatever reason are not specifically for this mower. Many of the reviews and questions are from years ago. It is a new enough to where it hasn't gotten into reviewers hands yet.


A dual battery setup should be more efficient than a single battery setup. I would expect slightly more runtime when using 2 batteries in a dual battery setup over using 2 battery in a single battery serup because the 2 batteries can share the load. 

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Most of the concerns listed in my post come from an announcement topic in the EGO community forum, not from user reviews.


I would not expect this model to be available in Europe anytime soon anyway. The current 21" brushless mower (LM2122E-SP) is being sold for the equivalent of approx. 1100 USD  so I am not sure there is much room for a more expensive kit.

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