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Need tool storage ideas for work truck


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My old work truck bit the dust and now have a standard cab bare long bed in its place. Until my boss gets some tool boxes added to it, I need ideas on how to store my tools. I have many cordless tools and my main tool bag I can keep up front. I have some water proof totes I may just use until then, but that could get tiring really fast having to carry them all in at night and back out in the morning. 


Any thoughts? 


Thank you 

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Agreed on toughsystem. Just got a set plus a "tough box" which is just a large roll around big thing. I like it so much I've kind of stopped using the tool boxes.

I have the 220 wheeled box. This has my cords, kneeling pad, assorted tape, and some bigger tools that don't fit in the tool belt. I have the tote that I load with materials or special tools. Then several small tool boxes: lugs (I'm a motor shop tech), wrenches sockets and impact gun, and drill and bits and screws. I just grab what I need for the job and load it on the cart/tool box, grab the tool belt, and wheel right to the job with basically just one load instead of 3-4 trips. Everything stays dry, packs up easy, and stays sorted. The wheeled tote doubles as a bench seat. I have one large box right now that I have loaded with straps and shackles.

From experience the large and XL boxes are a mixed bag. You need them for say a circular saw but at 22" they're kind of too short for long tools and don't hold a whole lot. You're better off with a big tough box for that stuff. But keep lots of small boxes so you can carry what you need and put them together based on a task. The DS150 boxes overall are nicer than the DS130. They come with 12 bins and a better upper tray where the DS130 just has 4 trays that you can't rearrange on the sides. Just remove the bins you don't need. DS130 and DS150 bins are not interchangeable. DS150 bins are huge. So good as bolt bins but not small screws where the trays are OK or you just put a smaller organizer in the box or do what I did and carry a tote to load with that stuff.

Have no use for the big fancy cart. If I bought another "cart" it would be another large bix/cart.

The tstak stuff is smaller, cheaper, and not as well sealed which is bad in the humid hurricane prone South. Lots more small bin selection though.

I love packout more but I can buy 3 toughsystem boxes or 4 tstaks for the prices of one packout box except for the clear bolt bin organizer. So Milwaukee is totally out to lunch on their pricing.

May want to look at the tough system job boxes too. I've got a crew can so in bad areas I can use a bike chain on some boxes and move the rest into the cab overnight. The job boxes are expensive (as always) but your tough system boxes drop right inside so the job box stays organized for a change.

Mostly since I went this way the work sites complement me on organization. I walk in and basically set up a shop on site. I've noticed I work a lot faster compared to truck side boxes and tool bags. Still thinking about buying a few more boxes. Truck is at 360k miles now. We usually get about 450k out of one so by next year it is probably going to the on me. I may not even bother with side boxes on the next one. Just need a pvc tube set up to hold the hot stick and other long tools if I get a couple more toughsystem boxes. They don't break the bank like systainer or packout and they're not cheap/indoor like l-boxxes. Ridgid is a close second but they're much more limited and not as well built.

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