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Japanese tape measures


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I've been looking online for Komelon and other self lock tape measures to buy. Not an easy task when you want pure metric ones. I've found a 5.5m/25mm Komelon self lock, but I'm curious to see what else is out there. I already own the 3.5m version and it's outstanding other than short standout (16mm blade) and somewhat too-soft rubber. 


I found this site that basically has 4 pages of different Japanese tape measures. It appears to be photos only, but if you translate the page using the browser, the tape measure brand and model will be shown.


Worth a look! Lucky they're hard to buy, I'd start a collection otherwise. 





Here's a few that caught my attention:







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On 11/3/2018 at 6:55 AM, ChrisK said:

I’m not sure if they are available in your neck of the woods but I use imperial and metric and my favorite metric tapes are made by fastcap. Really great tapes in the shop.


Same. Have a pencil sharpener and a spot to write on it. Metric/standard, all metric, all standard, lefty/righty, storyboard. I have the regular, the auto-lock and Mr Floppy in metric/standard.




This is a link to their whole line of measures, not just the pro carpenter: https://www.fastcap.com/products/tape-measures






Keep in mind, these aren't what I'd call jobsite tape measures, it probably wouldn't survive a two-story drop but I don't think most Komelons would either...that is not my main concern with a tape measure is...Komelon's little self-lock 12' tape is my second favorite to use. The clips on the Fastcaps are the best clips I've ever seen on a tape measure. 


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A built in sharpener is a great idea. Those fastcaps look pretty good. 


I agree about the Komelon self locks, I don't think my 3.5m is anywhere near the durability of a Fatmax. It feels extremely high quality though, the spring is super smooth and I'd rate the blade as the best out of all my tapes (far ahead actually).


I've spent way too much and ordered a few different models from Joybuy, Ebay, and Rakuten (via translation):


- Deli 5m x 25mm auto lock

- Komelon 5.5m x 25mm self lock chrome

- Kaidan 5.5m x 25mm auto lock pro (pictured above) 

- Shinwa 5.5m x 25mm tough gear self stop







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Yeah, exactly! To be sure you should probably compare them to ours! They are obviously nice, but have you considered buying a modern tape measure? Like a laser one, I think it is so much easier and faster to use. The measurements are pretty accurate, I am using one and absolutely loving it! I have Leica DISTO d2, so I'd recommend it, but you can check out some other good ones  https://geeklah.com/laser-tape-measure-reviews.html

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On 12/27/2018 at 5:36 AM, Jayjay said:

have you considered buying a modern tape measure? Like a laser one, I think it is so much easier and faster to use


I never considered one but started looking at them last week. They look great, so I've ordered a Bosch GLM 50 CX. I have a feeling I won't be using all these tape measures very often anymore.

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