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Broken Trigger DeWalt DCS355 (Oscillating multi-tool)


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Hello there,

My friend recently gave me his broken DeWalt DCS355, Oscillating multi-tool, which I am trying to fix.


I thought it was a broken trigger as when you press the trigger the light on top flashes on, but the tool doesnt actually start working.


I have brought a new trigger, but this hasn't made a difference and all i can get still, is the light to flash on when trigger is pressed/held but no working tool.


Anyone had any similar issues? I've tried googling but can't see anything unfortunately.


Thanks in advanced!



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4 minutes ago, wingless said:

Welcome to the forum.


Back to basics, has the battery been verified to be good in a different tool? Has a working battery been tried in this tool?


The $153 motor and switch assembly is the guts of the tool. If that cannot be fixed then the tool is scrap.


Hello Wingless,

Unfortunately, I have tried 2x brand new batteries and both work in the impact drill I've already managed to fix the chuck on. If only this was as simple a fix.


My friend who gave me the multi-tool said he could get it to work by holding the trigger down and tapping the side of it with his palm, but i haven't been able to replicate this. 


Thanks for the response

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@FSD I have had my DCS355 omt break. The transmission was shot. To repair the tool was more expensive than to buy one brand new. I have yet to buy a replacement but it would have been unwise to fix my old one. I would not put any more money into yours because one brand new is regularly close to $100  I even saw the new DCS356 omt for close to $100

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