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Milwaukee or Dewalt 15g cordless nailer?


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Hello, I came to this forum seeking help in choosing a cordless nailer for residential work.


Mainly seeking a cordless nailer for punch out work.


I've seen a couple reviews on the Dewalt 15g and the Milwaukee but not sure which one I should get. Was hoping those who have these nail guns could point me in the right direction.


Seems like both are fine and it's just a matter of preference, I heard that the Dewalt jams a lot which makes me lean more towards the Milwaukee.


Thanks for any information.

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I had a couple of the old style Dewalts and loved them, unfortunately they both got ripped off during a lunch break a few years ago. I bought the newer Dewalt to replace it but had problems with it sinking the nails so I exchanged it and tried another one but that one was about the same. No terrible by any means but was used to my older ones which very very seldom didn't sink a nail.
So I returned that one and went with my old senco 15 gauge air trim gun for awhile, but picked up a Milwaukee 15 gauge and had a little better luck with it, but it's still not as good as my old Dewalts but seems a bit better than the newer Dewalts I tried, so that's what I've been using since.
I don't think you can really go to wrong with either one tho.
Good luck in your choice tho.

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My father in law has a dewalt 15ga and has had a lot of trouble with jamming and proud nails. Recently it got so bad he actually picked up the ryobi to finish a job. I recently got the Milwaukee 16ga angled and have been generally happy; comfortable, no jams, plenty of power, and fast; but the depth adjustment seems very sensitive and I have to fiddle with it more than I'd like to get good sets in a variety of materials. 

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When transitioning from my air nailers (PC), I bought a Craftsman C3 18g for punch lists and believe it or not it was reliable, also having the same ramp up as the Dewalts. When I gave away my C3 tools to a friend, I bought the latest Dewalt 16g (4 yrs ago) and it works very well. I like the nose pad or nose cushion on the 16g, I prefer it to all other non-marring tips. Having said that I also bought the Dewalt 18g which also works very well, but it has the poly cone type tip which I do not like, because if you try and toe nail the tool will slide away from where your trying to shoot and unfortunately the Dewalt 15g has the same cone tip, so I will not make that mistake again.

So I looked into the Milwaukee's and bought the 16g & 15g, which are basically the same tool less the nail gauge. These are powerful nail guns and fast with zero ramp up. Here in the north east, we have a lot of older homes build with plaster wall and I can use the 15g to shoot through both the trim and plaster without a hiccup, just like my old air nailers, which is exactly what I wanted.

I believe the Milwaukee Gen 2 18g nailer comes with different tips, if that's the case I'll buy that and sell my Dewalt 18g, but hold on to the 16g.

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