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Dewalt D55151 issue


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Small Dewalt compressor D55151 I got from a buddy,been issue since new i guess,he just stored it away.After compressor has run and attempts to refill tank it just hums then breaker pops.I unhitched any air lines and still them same thing,took off black plastic shroud and noticed when compressor stopped if i tried to move motor over by hand with fan on back of motor there is a lot of resistance like piston stuck,this is the same with no air lines attached.If I spin it around a few times it loosens up and will fire right up,but the cycle repeats after it shuts off then tries to build pressure again.Kind of have to believe someone else has had same issue so any input great appreciated.When it runs it sounds completely fine,no odd noises etc.I have used this way for about a year and want to fix if possible.

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follow the little air line to the switch.  when the switch is turned off, or when pressure maxes out and motor shuts off, a little lever presses on the little air release valve at the end of that little air line.  this relieves the air pressure in the lines, so that the compressor can restart easy on the next startup.  

one way to see that valve working.  get compressor running then disconnect cord.  then turn switch to off.  you should hear an air hiss sound briefly as pressure is released.

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