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B & D Sandstorm Problem


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I own a B & D KA250K Sandstorm sander. The problem I'm having is that the allen bolt which holds the base just keeps turning when I wish to tighten or remove it. I initially thought there was an issue with the thread, but no. It seems to be the centre section of the fan assembly that just keeps turning, as per the details shown in the image. I have purchased a second hand KA250K as a donor for parts, but this displays exactly the same problem. Does anyone know if there is a way of locking the armature, as per some drills etc., or knows how to stop the unit from turning?




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Here is another unforeseen problem. I have just attached the circular sander attachment to the sander but this doesn't turn, even though the centre section is spinning. In fact, I can hold the sanding attachment whist its running. I now suspect that the central integral section (I have no idea what to call this) shown in the image should actually be tight and not loose?

I've just been looking online and it's mentioned that these are fitted with an ABS type braking system and I was just wondering if this may be where the fault lies? I have no idea how this is supposed to work but I suppose this would account for the reason why the centre part is now loose and separate from the armature assembly

Anyone have any comments regarding this.


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Think I've discovered the problem? It's appears that the built integral ABS type braking system that's faulty? When attaching the accessories to the donor sander I purchased, the integral centre section (which I assume is the ABS braking system?) doesn't move when inserting, tightening and releasing the allen screw. Not the case with my sander.

They look absolutely identical when comparing the two but obviously there is some unseen problem therein. I will replace the armature from my sander with the one from the donor sander and hopefully this will sort the problem. Just thought I'd post my findings in case someone else is experiencing a similar issue.

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Hi Chris,


I think I have found the same problem as you. I also have 2 of these sanders, both of which have a failed 'fan' unit in different ways. In one the armature has sheared off the fan and the other has your 'constant turning' problem so nothing can be attached properly.


I've resolved that both need the fan unit replacing. The problem being finding the things as they don't seem to be available anymore. I'm wondering if any similar sanders have a fan unit which fits.


I've found the following available:





I'm giving the mtmc.co.uk one a go - wish me luck!

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