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M12 / m18 combo VEHICLE charger experiences? (Cigarette lighter plug-in)


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I am a m12 user and have the m12 (only) vehicle charger model # 2510-20 . 


I’m overall not happy with it especially for the price. 


I’m wondering if the 48-59-1810 (m18 / m12 vehicle charger combo) is much better...


Any experiences with the combo vehicle charger? - especially in regards to the following shortcomings of the (m12 only) vehicle changer:

-Doesn’t charge all batteries, some oem large form factor batteries that work fine in multiple wall chargers give flashing error lights. 

-Takes forever, not practical to charge 4.0 & 6.0 batteries for an hour and 15 min to an hour and a half.


I initially considered trying to use just a “compact power source” 48-59-1201 for m12 vehicle charging, like the type that is commonly used w/ heated jackets, but if my bulky 2510-20 isn’t up to snuff, I can’t imagine how slow one of those would be via USB cable. (2.5 hrs for a small battery).


My old Makita 18v li-ion vehicle chargers, 10-15 year old technology could do much better.


Any input greatly appreciated, thanks in advance 


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The 12v car battery chargers are very convenient but not fast charging. Im using the 12v system off a battery bank in an enclosed trailer, they work very well. My trailers are setup to run led lights and chargers independently from the truck off a deep cell battery bank that recharges off the truck when it is running. I have a larger inverter for running the rapid charger or 110v chopsaw.  

I compared the 12v charger to the 110v charger power consumption. The inverter and 110v charger used a ton more power and would Darin the battery bank dead. The 12v chargers have a small draw if you leave batteries on them charging and a low voltage cutoff built in. Milwaukee was smart to install the low voltage cut off for a truck with always on cigarette lighters to would prevent a dead battery. 

If you want fast charging batteries- get a truck with inverters built in or add an inverter to the truck but make sure the truck is running. You will also never get a cigarette lighter charger to move the power required to fast charging as they are usually on a 15 or 20 amp fuse. 

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