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Festool Recon Seemingly Back?

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Festool Recon is seemingly back. I haven't bought anything from it personally (yet), but I know some here have scored some pretty good deals on some normally expensive tools that are in excellent condition for being used. Apparently the site wasn't actually inactive, but every time I would check since maybe summer-fall of 2019 it would show the screen indicating the previous item sold out quickly. It is basically a placeholder screen for when nothing is being sold. I always thought they just hadn't been adding any items to the site and I didn't think much about it.  Normally I should be getting emails telling me when the item changes but haven't since summer-fall 2019. I contacted Festool and they told me my email is in their system but their system is down (puzzles me why it would be down for such a long time). Recently I got word the site was still offering items for sale as recent as December 2020. I decided to check out the site the other day and sure enough items were being sold. I checked multiple times that day and the same item was being sold. I checked every day since, and the item seemed to change once per day. This sounds like an improvement because it used to be you wouldn't know when it would change. It could change a dozen times a day or go many days without changing. If it changes once per day like clockwork you always know when it changes but you would still have the surprise of not knowing what product will be listed next.

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