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One of the reasons you should not buy Eazypower screwdriver bits...


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I did buy this set of screwdriver bits from Eazypower two years ago and I was so disappointed. It is not clear what you are going to get when you purchase their products. I have put some red and yellow lines in this photo to explain it better, according to German DIN standards the hex shank length should be 1" (25mm). This is a set of Torx bits (T30, T35, T40, T45 and T47) and you can see in T45 and T47 they had two machining steps for the hex shank, the first step is to reduce the diameter of the shank and then the second step is to forge it or CNC machine it to 1/4" hex shank. The first machinist has done the job right by reducing the diameter of 1" long shank but the second machinist was probably too drunk!!!! ( see the different between red and yellow line) As you can see T30 has a proper 1" hex shank and T35 and T40 do not need to be machined too much as they have been made from 1/4" hex bars. I have seen in some cases that T35 is also machined like T30 and has rounded body. 


The problem is if you use Snappy quick change bit holder you can only use the bits that have at least 1" long hex shank as they are aware of DIN standards. These T45 and T47 would not snap in Snappy quick change bit holders because the hex shank is not long enough. 

T30-T47 05.jpg

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I had other bad experiences with this brand as well, and when I contacted them on Facebook they claimed these are not their products!!!! I bought them on Amazon US and was shipped by Amazon also, so how comes?!!!  

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