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Rounded Corner Walls & Skirting Boards


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I have seen a lot of rounded-corner walls in old British houses, but it is not common these days. I love to have everything rounded in the house. It is time consuming to have the edges rounded but it is safer. The problem is the skirting boards. I have seen some photos of skirting boards to be rounded as well (rarely). I wonder if rounded corner-skirting boards are being sold already or they are custom made. 

Rounded Edge Wall 2.jpg

Rounded Edge Wall.jpg

Rounded Edge Corner Skirting 1.jpg

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On 5/12/2023 at 4:29 AM, ouafaeha said:

I stumbled upon this thread and thought I'd offer my two cents on rounded corner walls and skirting boards. First off, I totally agree that rounded corners can be a great design element and also safer for homes with children and pets. As for rounded skirting boards, they can definitely be custom-made, but there are also some options available for purchase. They have a huge selection of skirting boards to choose from, and they offer custom cutting for those who need it. They also have a range of moldings that can be used to create rounded corners for your walls.


Good website but wrong name, as soon as I saw mdf in the beginning I was not keen to check it loool then I checked and I saw there are pine skirting boards as well. 

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