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KNIPEX CoBolt® Compact Bolt Cutter Model 71 32 200


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May 5, 2022
I bought KNIPEX CoBolt® Compact Bolt Cutter Model 71 32 200 from Thailand distributor.

Test 1st cut
Cut a 4 mm bolt with a recess in the cutting edge. It can be used to cut well, but I have to use the horizontal part to cut it again in the event that it is not lacking at once, this one is well known and there is no problem.

Test 2nd cut
The same bolt but I do not use recess cutting I use a horizontal part located in the middle between the tip of the pliers and the recess and cut it. It is found that the horizontal part is a very tiny chipped looked at by the eye approximately not more than 0.5 mm.

Test 3rd and 4th and 5th cut
Same as the second cut, the result is not chipped! I don't cut bolt by a recess in the cutting edge anymore and it still didn't chipped!

In my opinion, if compare with "without recess" (such as 71 01 XXX, 71 02 XXX, 71 12 XXX) I believe most people won't hold the workpiece close to the joint every time. The jaws of the pliers without recess are still ok. I watched many reviews on youtube channels. I haven't seen any foreigners who have a problem that the pliers are chipped.

The specification of the 2 models (recess and without recess) the Knipex specifies "Cutting edges additionally induction-hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC as well" so there shouldn't be any problem.

I informed the Thailand distributor and then they told me he will contact me back whereas they have to inquire to Knipex Germany to ask them before if they can allow claim product or not, the answer is no, and give me a reason is improper use of tools. 

Is it possible? there may happen from an error in the production process that might happen because I noticed from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th tests that there is no additional chipping but happened from only test 2nd cut.

What do you think about my experience?

Thank you.

cobolt หลังตัด ปากบิ่น ภาพที่ 2.jpg

cobolt หลังตัด ปากบิ่น.jpg

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