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Makita LS1020 Miter Saw


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Hi all! So last week I brought home this miter saw from the local JY.  Motor wasn't seized up, seemingly all the parts were there and the brushes were still good and long. There was a sort of grinding noise when you turned the blade.

So I brought it home and began tearing it down.  Other than some rust which was mainly just surface everything is is damn fine shape for being out in the weather for who knows how long.  I mean the cord was shot but they usually are.  Anyway the grinding noise turned out to be the armature tip and the reduction gear. Stripped isn't a string enough word. Whoever had this really tried cutting stuff that shouldn't have been cut.


So like I said.. literally everything was in very good shape so I decided to try to revive it. All the frame and housing was sanded, cleaned and painted. rusty things were hit with the wire wheel and I stumbled across a reduction gear set. The makita so far is rather special in that that gear can be removed by 4 phillips screws. Skil and Craftmans with almost identical housings could not, they were pressed in. I did find a DeWalt that was removable but it was larger and beefier. Had the remainder of that saw not been shot I'd have brought it home too lol.

Anyway so I've got the gear set on it's way here.. now for the armature. The armature was shared between models LS1020 and LS1030 and both are long since discontinued. Every parts site I've found has none in stock and there's nothing to be had on eBay. So that is one reason I came here.. I mean the obvious wealth of knowledge the biggest part. But I'm hoping I can find someone with maybe a dead model that I can scavenge the armature from. 

I did pull two others from the above mentioned Skil and Craftsman units because with the frame being like 99.9% identical I had assumed the armature was also identical. They are not, sadly, the OEM one measures a 10th/inch smaller in OD than these other two. So it literally won't fit.


Anyway, I do plan on opening and measuring any other candidates I come across at the junkyard but in case anyone here has something.. I'm all ears. :)

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