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EGO Z6 Flashing "Gears" icon after shutdown. Wheels remain locked after shutdown for 5 mins? Can't roll freely.

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Newbie Z6 owner here, I checked the user manual but couldn't find anything on this. When I'm done mowing for the day (I've cut the lawn twice so far, lol), I park the mower in my garage in such a way that I need to push it into its designated place (pic below). However, after shutting everything down, the little "gear" icon on the LCD panel keeps flashing for about 5 minutes and as long as its flashing the mower cannot be pushed and will not move. Once it stops flashing, I can freely push the mower around.


Does anyone know why this happens, the purpose of this and can it be manually overridden or shut off in order to be able to push the mower freely?




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This seems to be a safety feature, to prevent the mower from rolling when unattended.  I don't get any flashing icon or button after taking out the key; the LCD is off, and the "Set Button" (with gears) is lit blue.


The only way I have found to unlock the wheels is to pop up all the batteries (press each battery's release button to disengage it).  This method is mentioned briefly under "Limp-Home Mode" at the bottom of page 17 in my PDF manual (undated), or the second NOTICE at the top of page 18 in my printed manual (8/30/2021).


Of course to charge you have to push the batteries back down, so it's not as convenient as might be hoped.  I usually recharge before shifting the mower to its parking position, and leave the batteries disengaged until the next time I mow.

-- George

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