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Looking for a tool box to go INSIDE the cab of truck


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i am trying to not be TOO particular, BUT...  I want it right. 


I got a 2022 Chev Colorado Crew Cab.  I need a box to be in the cab for products that need to be secure and I don't want to freeze. 


I am taking out the drivers side rear 60% seat and making a flat surface that takes up the entire left side of the back seat space.   

On this flat surface, I want to mount a tool box against the other seat, or close to the other seat.  Drawers face out the driver side door.   

I want the drawers to be able to open within the cab space so I don't have to have the tool box super narrow if I made the drawers have to open through the door space.  


There is about 32 inches of space between the other seat and the door.   

I think the tool box needs to be about 16" deep. 

I might live with 22"  of tool box and the drawers just won't come out all the way.  


I need at least one drawer to be at least 9" tall. 

Total height of the box is ~ 26" to 32". 


I like the Harbor Freight, Yukon tool box:  https://www.harborfreight.com/tool-storage-organization/yukon-tool-storage/46-in-9-drawer-mobile-storage-cabinet-with-solid-wood-top-black-56613.html  EXCEPT it is too wide.

The bottom drawer is tall.  The box is ~16" deep.  Height is good.  BUT, it is 46" wide. 


The Harbor Freight, US General box is almost right.  https://www.harborfreight.com/tool-storage-organization/u-s-general-tool-storage/26-in-x-22-in-single-bank-roller-cabinet-black-64432.html

The bottom drawer is not quite tall enough.  The box is 22" deep.  Height is fine. 


I will try to get to HD and Lowes this week. 

I don't know where else to look for tool boxes.   

Looking online often doesn't have dimensions. 

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