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Bosch Brushless line 12 / 18 Volt


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The hybrid is great unless you expect the 1/2" anvil to have any more power than a regular impact driver. It certainly won't take your lug nuts off...


Fantastic for round the house/shed nuts though :) Man I'm excited about Brushless tools sitting on 5Ah batteries! Go Bosch!

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I remember reading somewhere that when using the 1/2" anvil you got considerably more torque than when using the 1/4" hex chuck and I think it was the same amount as the stand alone impact wrench.

As for how it knows if your using the 1/4" hex or 1/2" anvil I don't have a clue.

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in Australia, the 1/4" hex and 1/2" anvil were specified at 160Nm and 180Nm respectively.


However in a lag/coach screw test I conducted, the Dewalt DCF886 (at 165Nm with an adapter) really smoked the Bosch hybrid even with its 1/2" anvil/socket.


That being said, the Bosch is a nice tool (much quieter when not 'impacting') and so versatile!


EDIT: I now notice that Bosch website lists the hybrid as 150Nm rather than 160/180Nm, where the compact impact wrench is 180Nm.



looks like the new brushless versions have the same torque for the hybrid and dedicated compact wrench (1650 inch pounds)

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