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Danish brand Scangrip has amazing accessories!


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Currently Scangrip produces different cordless lights which work with Metabo CAS batteries BUT they started to introduce adapters for batteries from almost all other brands, their lights are extremely durable, one of my friends has a corded one and he did bang it on the floor and nothing happened to it, he said he has it for almost ten years and he dropped it a lot of times,  here is the list: 


BERNER 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6155C
BOSCH / AMPSHARE 18 V/ 20 V battery – 03.6140C
BOSCH GREEN 18 V/ 20 V battery – 03.6141C
DEWALT 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6142C
EINHELL 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6143C
FEIN 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6144C
FESTOOL 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6153C
FLEX 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6145C
HAZET 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6146C
HIKOKI 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6147C
INGERSOLL 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6152C
MAKITA 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6148C
MILWAUKEE 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6149C
PANASONIC 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6156C 
RIDGID 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6154C
SNAP-ON 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6151C
WÜRTH 18 V/20 V battery – 03.6150C


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