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Replacing temp sensor on this pellet stove

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I just got this used Englander 25-PDV (or very similar) pellet stove and it worked when I picked it up and now not so much.  The owner said it needed some kind of 'high or low' (he didn't know) temp sensor/switch replaced.  It worked at least one time really well after I got it home so I know most everything is working in it.  Now when I start the fire and hit the On button, the auger starts turning but the exhaust fan never kicks on to stoke the flame.  The one time it worked well the fans didn't kick on until maybe 5 minutes after I started the fire and hit the On button.  This last time I kept a fire in it for over 45 min and the fans never kicked on, although the auger kept turning the whole time, which it's supposed to.


Any idea what I need to replace in this stove to get it running again?  I'm hoping the part's still made.  I can't get a shot of the info plate on it just right now but I believe it was made in '97.  You don't see the dial settings on any of the used ones listed on marketplace or elsewhere.





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