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Please Bring Back the Dewalt DW932K Plate Joiner


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Buy a corded version and swap the metal assembly with DC410. You get a neat corded grinder and a cordless joiner.

You will have to take the plate joiner assembly apart to get to the 2 bottom screws. DO NOT take the plastic body apart of neither DC410 or the joiner - no need for this hack.

DC411 will NOT fit the joiner assembly because they changed the screw spacing in the new mold.

I've done this personally and it works.

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G-day all

my mates and i have said for ages about the need for an 18v cordless plate joiner an on finding this site have learned that there actually is/was. Anyone out there know  of any tool shops who still may stock them.

I like the idea of the modified DC410.

Come on Dewalt, kitchen and cabinet makers love this tool.

Bring back the cordless plate joiner. 

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I reckon your spot on ther Burlguy, on doing further research even the people saying good things about it always come back to the amount of cuts or the grunt it lacks. I would still like to check it out on paticle board bench tops though.

I need a bit of practicle research me thinks.

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I have this biscuit jointer. It was a little under powered for hard wood, but great for MDF, chip/particle board and many others.

Since the nano batteries arrived, it now does hard wood easily.

Like any tool, let it cut, don't force it and the results and battery time increase.

And keep the blade sharp and clean.

Like I said in other posts, I have the 240v and 18v. I use the 18v more.

Fantastic tool, I have cut down doors while hung and the plate slides across carpet well too.

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