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Veneer application & CNC laser advice?

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I'm gonna apply a sheet of 1/42" Maple veneer to a 1/8" sheet of Basswood and see if I can cut it with a CNC laser.  


How do I go about applying the veneer without the sheet curling after the glue cures?  Is there any adhesive I can use that won't make the piece curve?  I could apply veneers to both sides but I'm trying to avoid doing that.


My local public library's maker's space has a CO2 Epilog Laser Cutter and I've just taken a class on operating the thing I'll be giving that a go soon...cutting shapes out of the veneer on basswood combo.  The goal is to cut fast enough that the veneer doesn't have any burn residue on the top.  The side edge doesn't matter much.


Actually, what kind of spray finish can I give my veneered sheets before putting them under the laser so that sooty debris will just wipe off?  No gloss or color change is wanted at all.  Just a good protective finish.




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